A proud subsidiary of King Techina

Custom Dairy Performance / KTG North America is a subsidiary of King Techina, a global leader in the research, development and innovation of animal nutrition products, headquartered in Hangzhou, China. The company was founded nearly 20 years ago by Dr. Zhefeng Li, a former dairy farmer who acquired local fame after miraculously treating postpartum paralysis in the village’s prized dairy cow. Dr. Li later became a veterinary scientist focused on developing microencapsulated feed additives for targeted nutrient delivery in ruminants.

Today, King Techina products with Intelligent Microcapsule™ (IM) coating technology are improving performance and feed efficiency for poultry, swine, aquaculture and cattle producers worldwide.  All raw materials and finished products are designed to meet the high quality management standards of several internationally systems, including ISO 9001, GMP and FAMI-QS.

Currently, King Techina owns more than 30 patents, supports more than 20 incubation centers, and partners with more than 40 R&D organizations. Each year, a portion of corporate profits are reinvested in public projects that protect the environment, provide disaster relief, support infrastructure development in rural areas and fund scholarships for deserving veterinary students.

King Techina products are available exclusively in North America through Custom Dairy Performance / KTG North America.  For more information, contact us today!